Jul 14, 2015

Big news: my very own products!

A couple of months ago I got an e-mail from the owner of the biggest organic store in the Baltics. She wanted to meet me and discuss possible business opportunities. Mahemarket has been my favorite spots in Tallinn for years. When I am in the city, I always buy vegan sausages, smoked tofu and nooch from there. And of course dine at their fabulous vegan buffet. I still can't believe that now you can buy my very own products from that great store!

It was a sunny spring day when me and Tiiu met. I had absolutely no idea what idea she had but since I have always like Mahemarket, I was eager to hear her out. I am glad I did, because from the very beginning I liked what she offered. She wanted to create vegan products with my recipes and my name on it. What's not to like? Since I have created many great recipes over the past years, I instantly thought of the products we could make and sell. Lentil and vegetable pie and soft cocoa and orange cookies were the first recipes we cooked with Mahemarket's bakers. They turned out really amazing. Last week I was in Tallinn again and we made another three new products. Gluten free coconut cookies are definitely my huge favorite!

Soft cocoa and orange cookies

Since the products needed a beautiful logo, I asked my sister Kudrun Vungi if she could help me out. She is a great artist and was kind enough to create a new pretty logo. Look at her virtual portfolio here. Kudrun has also illustrated many children's books and opened her own art exhibitions. Here are one of my favorite paintings by her.

The logo was exactly what I imagined! Retro, 50's housewifey. This is also now an official new logo of VeganSandra.

The products are now available only in Mahemarket, Tallinn, but we are working on spreading them even farther. Our goal is to make quality vegan products that are tasty, made with organic ingredients and widely available. I can't even describe the feeling I got when I bought my very own cookies with my name on it. And they tasted incredible. Mahemarket's bakers are doing a great job!

Thank you for all the continuing support!



  1. Congratulations! Well done! How exciting! I hope you'll sell a lot. I love the design too. What do the other boxes or packages look like?

  2. Thanks so much! I like the design too. There is one bigger box with the same design and soon we also want to add cute labels onto the box with the product's name.

  3. That is fantastic Sandra, congrats!


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