Nov 2, 2015

Photos and thoughts: Tallinn Vegan Fair 2015

Tallinn Vegan Fair turned 5 years old this year and it was time to celebrate! I have been there since the beginning. I still remember these delicious burgers with pea patties I sold at the first fair. Usually I plan my menu way ahead. When the beginning of November approaches, we drive to my parents' house and start cooking with my mom. Everyone is involved, we are a pretty fab team. Me and my mom cook like there's no tomorrow, my dad heats up the sauna afterwards and my boyfriend tastes everything, carries the boxes and drives the car. So when we come back from another successful event, we sit on the couch, take a breath and smile.

This weekend was really intense. On Friday, I gave an interview about vegan lifestyle on the Estonian National Television. You can watch it here. It's in Estonian. On Saturday, me and my mom raised hell in the kitchen. And on Sunday, we went to the vegan fair.

This year, there were SO many people! It was quite a challenge to take some photos, so most of my photos are of food. And who am I kidding - these are my favorite kind of photos. But let me just leave this photo here:

Maybe you already know, but I launched my very own vegan food product line with the largest organic store in the Baltics. They made this huge roll-up with my logo and photo to promote the new products. My soft cocoa and orange cookies sold out really fast and crispy oat and apple cookies and carrot and peanut butter brownies sold well too. Right now we are in the talks with different food stores in Estonia, so soon we can sell my products almost everywhere. Super excited about this! That way people can finally buy widely available delicious vegan products that are made in Estonia with only organic ingredients.

Just look at these beauties! Customers really loved the design and many bought these cookies as a gift for a special someone. That rad logo is designed by my talented sister Kudrun Vungi. You can check out her paintings and design works on her blog.

This year, my menu was all about pizzas. All handcrafted and made with love. This classic Margherita pizza with a vegan twist sold out super fast. It had homemade cashew mozzarella and tons of herby and garlicky tomatoes on it. All on a super thin yeastless pizza crust.

This mince soy and sausage pizza with cashew mozzarella was popular too. It had loads of toppings, so it was quite filling. All the pizzas had homemade pizza sauce with extra garlic, basil and thyme. YUM!

Usually I don't experiment with food on big events, but this time I felt like something different. I made a regular mushroom and onion pie but drizzled it with my peanut and tomato sauce. Surprisingly many people loved it and came back for seconds. 

Can't forget the dessert! I made my 4-ingredient no-bake truffle torte. It was on a gluten free crust and had gallons of chocolate and coconut milk in it. The last cake started to melt, so I had to remove it from the table and bring it back to home afterwards. My family was really "sad" about it. Especially when we ate it right after it had stayed in the freezer for a while. Too good.

I love that moment when after many hours of socializing and staying on my feet, I can take a break and buy some satisfying vegan curry from my favorite curry makers. It's always pumpkin and chana masala and I always love it! Totally hits the spot. This time they also had homemade chili paste. Perfect.

This year, my favorite Japanese restaurant Tokumaru was also at the fair. They sold the best vegan miso ramen ever! It was beyond delicious and with every bite, I could feel that it was made with love.

Thank you everyone who came by and said hi and bought my food. You directly supported the creation of my new vegan recipes and videos. Thank you everyone who organized this event and all the kind people, who came out with their best vegan products. Until next time!


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