Dec 16, 2018

My 2018 and Big News!

This year is coming to an end, but I already felt like looking back and also looking forward. I love that saying that sometimes it feels life doesn't change at all, but when you look back, everything has changed. This year has been rather crazy. The first thing that comes to my mind, is that I laughed more. It felt like I hadn't laughed like that for years. I am thankful for that. There were also some unbelievable events and also a lot of real sadness. Life tends to be that way. I keep most of the things deep in my heart, but there are some things I wanted to write down. This list is chronological.

1) In the end of last year, I deleted my social media accounts. This whole year has been social media free for me. I also decided to skip reading news. I discovered that all the really important stuff found a way to reach my ears anyway. Both decisions were wonderful! I walked so much in the nature and found more peace. When I had social media, I didn't even had these loud push notifications turned on, but I still grew so tired of it. I have this lovely page and your loveliest comments and your most loveliest fan e-mails and that is just amazing  for me. By the way, good old e-mail conversations are so fun! People really take their time to write and the letters are longer and deeper.

2) Neoandertals live at Tallinn Music Week. It felt so good to be behind the drums and enjoy the primal energy.

3) I got engaged! A sunny and tender Spring day, our forest cabin's green and blooming yard and my love.

But what will the NEW YEAR bring?

I hope it will bring many joyful moments and lots of laughter. I wish you good hearty laughs and only good people in your life. Really take care of yourself and don't waste yourself on unimportant things and people.

I will be 30 in February. I can't believe I made my Estonian food blog almost 10 years ago. A whole decade! I've created about a thousand vegan recipes combined and written 5 cookbooks. It feels so unreal. In February, we will also visit the USA for the first time. We will stay there for 5 weeks, visiting New York City and Austin, Texas.

But now it's time to share the news. I wrote a brand new book. But it isn't a cookbook this time. It's a children's book! It is so special and personal to me and I cannot wait for it to come out in January 2019 by my Estonian publisher. I can't share a cover just yet, but I will post one illustration from the book. All of the art is done by my artist sister Kudrun Vungi.

The book is named "Käpp ja Kapsarulliplaneet". Straight translation meaning "Paw and The Cabbage Roll Planet". It's a sci-fi book about a green haired girl named Paw, who is ten years old and finds a little space shuttle after walking home from school. She gets into many unbelievable and crazy adventures. It's a book about the moments and tastes of childhood, lots of eating, finding friends, fighting the bad and appreciating the good. With fluffy animals as companions, of course. 

Have a wonderful end of the year and if you are planning your vegan Christmas menu, check out THESE RECIPES!

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