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Our log cabin

My name is Sandra Vungi. I live in Estonia in a tiny log cabin which me and my boyfriend built ourselves. I'm a country girl and never really liked the city life. I've been a huge foodie since I was 5 years old when I made my first fried potatoes (still one of my favorite foods). When I became vegan in 2007 after seeing Meet Your Meat, I realized it was the perfect time to bring my passion for cooking and compassion for animals together.

My life was completely changed and I have never looked back since. I started creating delicious vegan recipes and was blown away by how you can create all these comforting, familiar and yet new tastes with plant based ingredients. I have created myself an amazingly tasty, healthy, ecological and animal friendly life.

My recipes are family friendly, comforting, sometimes decadent and mostly rather cheap. I also love ethnic and spicy vegan food, but my heart belongs to home-cooked deliciousness and simple recipes that everyone can easily try at home. So if you like hearty cabbage rolls, creamy salads, chunky soups, savory pies and decadent desserts, you are in the right place.

More about me: I love running! I also play a lot of video games (my favorites are the Fallout and the Mass Effect series, also Civilization). I have authored four published cookbooks. My new English cookbook "Vegan Dinner Party" is available on Amazon. I also play drums in a metal band called Neoandertals.

Contact: svungi [at] gmail.com


In October 2016 a big Estonian women's magazine made a cover story with me for their organic beauty issue.

In summer 2016 I gave two long interviews for two different major magazines in Estonia.

My Estonian vegan food blog taimetoit.ee won a second place in the food blog category at 2016 Estonian Blog Awards.

Promoted my new Estonian cookbook with a book party and an autograph session in Tallinn and Tartu. Watch the photos HERE and HERE!

Talking about veganism in the Estonian National Television. Watch the show HERE!

In summer 2015 I launched my very own vegan product line "Sandra Vungi Vegan" with the biggest organic store in the Baltics. Hopefully it will spread even farther over time. People can now buy my cookies, pies ja cakes! Read more about it HERE!

An article about me in an Estonian women's magazine Maret (June 2015).

Cover story with me in an Estonian women's magazine (April 2015). I talked about our tiny house living, food and veganism.

Sharing my vegan pizza recipes in an Estonian health magazine (February 2015)

On the cover of an Estonian largest and oldest department store's magazine. It also contained a whole fashion spread.

Talked about my lifestyle and Fall's produce with one of the biggest newspapers in Estonia. You can read the interview here.

I took part in the Estonian Vegan Fair's promo video (2014). Watch it here.

Cooked vegan truffle torte and coconut truffles on the Estonian National Television's morning program. Watch the video here (with English subtitles).

Cooked homemade vegan Cheddar cheese sandwiches on the Estonian National Television's morning program.

Cooked tofu in three ways on the Estonian National Television's morning program.

Talked about raw vegan salads on the Estonian National Television's evening program. Watch the video here (with English subtitles).

The signing of my second Estonian cookbook, which is about vegan desserts:

Cooked my favorite vegan dishes in an Estonian cooking show.

Talked about veganism in the Estonian Cosmopolitan.

Talked about my new Estonian vegan dessert cookbook in a radio show.

The signing of my first Estonian cookbook.

Cooked vegan goulash in the Estonian National Television's morning program.


  1. I admire your creativity! Just found your blog and will come back here often now :)

  2. Thank you so much! You are more than welcome here :)

  3. I love that you are a vegan metal head! We are growing! Your recipes look amazing. Keep up the great work! Greetings from Australia \m/

    1. Awesome to meet you, Leanne! Thank you for the good words and lots of hailz from Estonia to Australia! :)

    2. Yay, I'm a vegan metalhead too \m/. Love your cabin in the woods, you're awesome!!!

  4. Hi there.
    Just found your blog (the crispy carrot cutlets - was long time looking for a recipe without potatoes) and definitely will come back. :)
    And I can't help, but you don't look, like you would even know what, metal music is. :D And I don't mean offensive. You just look so well-behaved. ;)
    Greetings from Germany,

  5. Haha, thanks, Cathy! :) And I hope you will love the carrot cutlets. Best wishes from Estonia!

  6. I came across your site a long time ago, and then couldn't remember your name. I thought you were from Norway, so I started Googling things like, "Norway, blond, vegan, blog, borscht, palatschinken, band" because that's what I remembered! I'm not sure where I got the palatschinken idea from! I never found you that way though. Just the other day I followed a yummy looking recipe on Findingvegan, and all of a sudden I saw the words, "drummer in a heavy metal band" and knew I finally found the person with the blog with the unique recipes! You! It is great to get to look at your creative cooking! I have been vegan for 5 years, but I am not a very good cook - still working on it! Barb

    1. Wow, that was one of the most amazing comments! You definitely made my day. Thanks so much and welcome back!!! :)

  7. So excited to try your recipes. I found you through youtube. So many vegan recipes are SPICY and I have tried to enjoy the heat, but I just can't. Plus, I am quite new in my journey. Thank you for your easy home cooking style that is also nice on the budget!

    1. I'm so glad to read that!! And do ask, if you have any questions regarding my recipes or veganism.

  8. Poor sweet animals :(

  9. cameron shegoneeJune 9, 2015 at 4:09 PM

    hi Sandra! when i came back from work today, my wife said "hey, you got to check out this amazing woman! she's a vegan chef, loves video games and running AND is a DRUMMER in a DEATH METAL band!" so, me being a gaming, running, vegan death metal head (and musician) myself, i thought "holy shit, i got to check her out!" we will definitely be trying your "savory pumpkin and oat casserole" as my wife is gluten-intolerant :) thanks a bunch for that amazing dish, we will let you know how we liked it. moving onto the most important part, THE MUSIC, i just finished listening to your release, "Ebu Gogo Gutting The Child," and i was VERY impressed. the technicality and interplay of drums and bass was outstanding, and your skills as a drummer are definitely formidable :) my wife and i live in Buffalo NY and recently, we had a death metal festival called Summer Slaughter come to Niagara Falls NY. i had the opportunity to witness the mastery of and speak to my favorite tech-death band, Origin. me being a person that's into fair trade, organic, local, etc. materials (be they food, clothes, whatever), i asked the lead singer of the band if their band shirts they were selling were made organically and fair trade. he looked at me and said "you know what, i don't know." my questions about their products definitely caught him off guard, and that's the reason why i'm relaying this story to you: it's very refreshing for me to see a person that's doing what they love (be it cooking, music, exercising, etc.) and making honest attempts to live with respect, discipline and responsibility in relation to themselves and others :) i got to go and eat some awesome Sandra inspired vegan food now, but my wife and i will definitely be following you on your journey of cooking and metal mastery! :) \m/

    1. Cameron, thanks so much! Your comment made my day :) So awesome to see like-minded people! I have seen TONS of metal bands live, but still haven't seen Origin. I'm sure I will fix that. Right now thinking about going to Brutal Assault in Czech Republic again. Been there a few times and they always have a kick-ass program, lots of vegan food and good beer.

      Pumpkin and oat casserole is a great idea! Here's also a video for this recipe:


      Hope you will like the dish.

      Lots of greetings to you and your wife!! :)


  10. I am so happy I found your blog! My husband and I are planning on moving to Tallinn from America for a year and I have been worried it might be difficult to be vegan in Estonia when we don't know the language very well, or what to buy. This makes me very happy!

    1. Hello Emilee! I am so happy you found me, too! :) I hope this page will give you some inspiration and help. And ALWAYS ask, if you have ANY questions at all. My e-mail is svungi[at]gmail.com

  11. Your recipes look delicious! And you are making moves overseas and teaching people that food can be delish, healthy and animal-free. Bravo, homegirl. :) <3 from America

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear mysterious stranger! :)

  12. Good afternoon, I'm in the U.S. and am teaching a cultures class on Estonia to girls aged 8-10. Most of the authentic Estonian recipes I've found are understandably not vegan. I've browsed your recipes (which look amazing). Out of the recipes listed on your website, which ones would be most authentic to Estonian cuisine?

  13. Hello Megan!

    That is great, I'm happy to help!

    In this video, I'm making a vegan version of the very popular blood sausage in Estonia. Estonians love to eat it during the Christmas time. Usually it's made with guts, blood and barley, but I made it with nori, barley, beans and different seasonings:


    This potato salad definitely represents the Estonian cuisine:


    We also love to eat chanterelles and this creamy sauce is our huge favorite:


    Barley porridge with pan-fried onions is also a classic:


    Estonians love solyanka soup and this mushroom solyanka is very delicious:


    We also love dumpling soup!


    Sauerkraut is also in our menu:


    Simple rhubarb and apple cakes are very popular, too:



    I also have many great vegan Estonian recipes in my cookbook "Vegan Dinner Party":


    Let me know if you have more questions!

    All the best :)


  14. Great stuff you've got here Sandra! Happy I found your blog! .... just can't believe it took me this long! My family is vegan and my husband and daughter are serious foodies... so I'm ALWAYS cooking and have to be dreaming 🙄Up different ways of making our meals creative and interesting. Thank you for sharing your blog! I'll definitely be trying the recipes.

    1. Thank you so much! Hope you'll find delicious new recipes from here to cook for your family :) Cheers from Estonia!

  15. Sooo cool:) A Heavy Metal Vegan! I found your site today. Greetings from Bulgaria, Metal girl! You are promoting your book with a Death t-shirt on. Yes! Awesome! I checked out your band site too. Im a drummer too, and i am switching to non dairy and meat food too. Good luck in cooking and playing music, Sandra. Wish you all the best \m/ Metal on!


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