About Sandra

Our log cabin

My name is Sandra Vungi. I live in Estonia in a tiny log cabin which me and my boyfriend built ourselves. I'm a country girl and never really liked the city life. I've been a huge foodie since I was 5 years old when I made my first pan-fried potatoes (still one of my favorite foods). When I became vegan in 2007 after seeing Meet Your Meat, I realized it was the perfect time to bring my passion for cooking and compassion for animals together.

My life was completely changed and I have never looked back since. I started creating delicious vegan recipes and was blown away by how you can create all these comforting, familiar and yet new tastes with plant based ingredients. I have created myself an amazingly tasty, healthy, ecological and animal friendly life.

My recipes are family friendly, comforting, sometimes decadent and mostly rather cheap. I also love ethnic and spicy vegan food, but my heart belongs to home-cooked deliciousness and simple recipes that everyone can easily try at home. So if you like hearty cabbage rolls, creamy salads, chunky soups, savory pies and decadent desserts, you are in the right place.

More about me: I play a lot of video games (my favorites are the Fallout and the Mass Effect series, also Civilization). I have authored five published cookbooks. My English cookbook "Vegan Dinner Party" is available on Amazon. I also play drums in a metal band called Neoandertals.

Contact: vungisandra [at] gmail.com


A cover story with me in the Estonian Vegan magazine. (December 2017)

I competed in the Estonian TV show "Eesti Mäng" in the 2017 season and won the second place in the finale. I had to answer a lot of questions about Estonia :)

In October 2016 a big Estonian women's magazine made a cover story with me for their organic beauty issue.

In summer 2016 I gave two long interviews for two different major magazines in Estonia.

My Estonian vegan food blog taimetoit.ee won a second place in the food blog category at 2016 Estonian Blog Awards.

Promoted my new Estonian cookbook with a book party and an autograph session in Tallinn and Tartu.

Talking about veganism in the Estonian National Television. Watch the show HERE!

An article about me in an Estonian women's magazine Maret (June 2015).

Cover story with me in an Estonian women's magazine (April 2015). I talked about our tiny house living, food and veganism.

Sharing my vegan pizza recipes in an Estonian health magazine (February 2015)

On the cover of an Estonian largest and oldest department store's magazine. It also contained a whole fashion spread.

Talked about my lifestyle and Fall's produce with one of the biggest newspapers in Estonia. 

I took part in the Estonian Vegan Fair's promo video (2014). Watch it here.

Cooked vegan truffle torte and coconut truffles on the Estonian National Television's morning program. Watch the video here (with English subtitles).

Cooked homemade vegan Cheddar cheese sandwiches on the Estonian National Television's morning program.

Cooked tofu in three ways on the Estonian National Television's morning program.

Talked about raw vegan salads on the Estonian National Television's evening program. Watch the video here (with English subtitles).

The signing of my second Estonian cookbook, which is about vegan desserts:

Cooked my favorite vegan dishes in an Estonian cooking show.

Talked about veganism in the Estonian Cosmopolitan.

Talked about my new Estonian vegan dessert cookbook in a radio show.

The signing of my first Estonian cookbook.

Cooked vegan goulash in the Estonian National Television's morning program.

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