10 delicious and comforting vegan soups

It's unbelievably warm here in Estonia at the moment. It feels like summer is in full swing! But I won't be fooled. I know they promised cooler temperatures and rain here next week. And for that occasion, it's best to round up some of my favorite vegan soup recipes. All of these are just amazing for the colder season. And I might need a soup week soon, because today is my fiancé's birthday and we have been eating loads of festive dishes like my crispy juicy foolproof seitan steaks and our family favorite potato salad. Mmm...so good! But back to these soups now!

1) Easy red lentil and vegetable soup. Seriously easy to make, no store-bought stock needed and wonderfully filling thanks to the red lentils. Heats up super well, too!

2) Vegan salmon soup. Want to experience something completely different yet comforting? Miss your salmon? Try this creamy dilly salmon soup with sweet potatoes and nori.

3) Silky cream of mushroom soup. I'm not the biggest fan of pureed soups, but if I had to choose, this is the one I completely enjoy. Serve this comfy bowl of creaminess with quick roasted sunflower seeds and a dash of olive oil for some extra texture.

4) Spicy vegan noodle soup with mushrooms (Nepali thukpa). I'm so proud to say this recipe got featured at Lonely Planet's Nepali food section. If you want that good old slurpy noodle soup experience, this heat loaded noodle, veggie and mushroom soup is the way to go!

5) Vegan mushroom solyanka. We Estonians absolutely love solyanka. It's usually loaded with meat, but mushroom solyankas are also known. There is something special about lemony tomato soup with hearty potatoes, tangy olives, bay leaves and some vegan sour cream. It's especially good with rye bread.

6) Easy vegetable and dumpling soup. This oldie but goodie is still one of my most popular recipes. Now wonder, since this is the very epitome of a comforting meal! Enjoy this dilly broth with fluffy homey dumplings.

7) Sweet potato and rice noodle soup with broccoli and white beans. A healthy bowl of this light yet filling goodness will definitely warm you up on a gloomy fall or winter day!

8) Lentil and turnip soup with lemon. Believe my blog reader Bailey on this one: "We love this recipe! There's always tons of organic turnips at the farmers market and this is a great way to use them."

9) Sauerkraut and tomato soup with potatoes. In Estonia, sauerkraut soup is usually made with barley instead of potatoes. But I just love potatoes in this soup and to make it even more delicious, I added some tomato juice.

10) Beet and lentil soup. I absolutely adore Meg's comment under this recipe: "Delicious, beautiful. I shared it with 3 friends. One said I must make it for his dad when he comes to visit, another said it saved her life, and the other said I'll have another bowl please. Satisfying with bread."


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