17 Amazing Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving isn't far away and I am so happy to share these amazing recipes with you! In this post, I've gathered my favorite holiday recipes that celebrate wonderful produce, delicious baked goods, creamy casseroles, hearty main dishes, flavorful side dishes and luscious desserts. It's a perfect time to plan your Thanksgiving dinner and choose your favorite picks. Let me help you with that!

1) Creamy and tangy vegan Caesar salad. Add some color and crunch to your holiday table with this creamy Caesar salad. Instead of bread croutons, this salad is served with gluten-free breaded chickpeas. The decadent dressing is made of cashews and the tangy "anchovy" flavor comes from a secret plant-based ingredient. 

2) Baked pasta with creamy spinach and Brussels sprouts. This crispy and creamy pasta bake is a wonderful main or side dish. Let the comment under the recipe speak for itself: "So good! Made it twice, husband and kindergartener approved."

3) Bean and plum ragout. Such a flavorful and filling side dish. Dried plums give it a really nice texture and taste. Serve it with any kind of potatoes.

4) Chunky mushroom and plum gravy. Another recipe with dried plums, because they are just perfect in wintery dishes. This chunky gravy is so tangy, luscious, rich and smoky. 

5) Creamy baked sweet potatoes. My mouth waters just by looking at this photo. Soft baked sweet potatoes are covered in luxurious coconut sauce. I love to eat it with mashed potatoes, because potatoes on potatoes are just the best!

6) Easy and creamy potato casserole. This is one of my favorite main dishes ever. When I don't know what to cook for dinner, this is usually my go-to recipe. Potatoes and sauce in one! The rich creamy eggy sauce comes from cashews or if you want, sunflower seeds. I seriously wouldn't leave out this recipe, it's that good!

7) Easy vegetable and dumpling soup. I couldn't skip this recipe, because I remember how one blog reader wrote me that she makes it every Thanksgiving! There is something special and nostalgic about garlicky and dilly broth with veggies and dumplings. Super comforting!

8) Vegan lentil loaf with cabbage. Skip the regular lentil loaf this year and try this upgraded loaf with cabbage! It's basically a huge cabbage roll. Such a festive and delicious main dish!

9) Perfect seitan steaks. There is no holiday in the Vungi family without these seitan steaks. Seriously easy to make (only few ingredients) and it's such a crowd-pleaser! Meat eater approved.

10) Green pea and onion pie (gluten-free). Another easy recipe with a gluten-free crust. My dad loves it so much and I make it every time I crave a savory baked pie, but don't want to eat so much wheat.

11) Carrots in a blanket. Who needs pigs in a blanket when you can bake and eat these fun little fellas? Boiled and pan-fried dilly carrots are wrapped into puff pastry. Perfect with some dipping sauce!

12) Vegan pumpkin pudding. Don't you just want to dig into this silky bright orange pumpkin pudding? Only a few ingredients and it tastes amazing.

13) Oat cake with coconut whip, baked apples and walnuts. This decadent cinnamony cake was a hit on my latest vegan cooking workshop. Instead of regular flour, this cake batter is made with oat flour, making it a bit more healthier and fiber-rich.

14) Simple crumb cake with apple jam. This ridiculously easy cake only needs five ingredients. You can use whole-wheat flour or oat flour or other gluten-free flour. Instead of apple jam, you can also use fresh apple slices (sprinkle some sugar on them) and cranberries. 

15) Perfect vegan chocolate pie. Four ingredients and no baking? Count me in! I make this pie all the time and it's perfect for our off-grid kitchen. No need for the oven here. And let me tell you, I haven't seen a person who doesn't 100% LOVE this luxurious chocolatey pie!

16) Simple and delicious apple cake. You can't go wrong with apples and cinnamon. This fool-proof cake recipe will come in handy, if you need a really easy recipe with ingredients you already have at home.

17) Super fluffy cinnamon rolls. The secret to these ultra fluffy and dreamy cinnamon rolls? Bake them side by side in the oven for only 15 minutes.