Apr 10, 2013

Crispy soy nuggets

I got this lovely little metal pan from the second-hand store and immediately had to use it in this photo. And talking about these crispy soy nuggets...oh my! They are my new favorite! Just serve them with some oven-baked potatoes, fresh salad and quality barbecue sauce and your dinner will be awesome, I promise :)

  • 125 g dried soy cutlets
  • your favorite vegan BBQ-sauce
  • breadcrumbs
  • tempura flour
  • oil for frying

Boil and marinate the soy cutlets the night before: boil the cutlets in salty water for about 5 minutes, drain, rinse with cold water and squeeze out the water from every cutlet. Take a bowl, pour a fair amount of the BBQ-sauce on the cutlets and mix with hands and rub the BBQ-sauce into the cutlets. Cover the bowl with a plate or a cooking sheet and put the cutlets in the fridge for the night.

On the next day take two bowls. Pour some breadcrumbs into one bowl and in the other one mix some tempura flour with a little bit of cold water until you get a half-thick mixture.

Take the marinated soy cutlet and first dip it in the tempura-water mix and then roll it around in breadcrumbs. Pour some oil on a hot pan and fry the breaded nuggets until crispy on both sides. Serve with baked potatoes, fresh salad and BBQ-sauce or make a burger or a sandwich.


  1. Um seriously the recipe for soy nuggets starts out with buying soy cutlets? I came here thinking this was a recipe for making these from scratch. Obviously if I wanted fake meat nuggets I could just go buy fake meat nuggets.


  2. Hey, sorry you were disappointed. In my country they actually don't sell fake meat nuggets, only dried soy cutlets, so I had to bread them myself.

  3. Not vegan or even vegetarianDecember 4, 2013 at 3:21 AM

    These look tasty, my kids have been longing for chicken nuggets for two years I think this might be just what we were looking for. Though I am unsure where to get soy cutlets.

    1. Any place where they have island/Jamaican food should have them. Godspeed.

  4. They are really delish :) I hope you will find some soy cutlets!


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