Our vegan barbecue to celebrate Spring

Before I share some lovely photos of our vegan barbecue, I have an announcement:


EDIT: It will be out in the beginning of next week.

But now let's get to the photos I promised.

Since I really loved my last year's post of our lakeside vegan dinner party and Walpurgis Night's festivities, I decided to continue the tradition. Walpurgis Night a.k.a Volbriöö in Estonia, is one of my favorite holidays. It's a perfect reason to invite friends over and enjoy the absence of mosquitoes on a warm Spring evening with tons of food. Smoky vegan barbecue, sweaty sauna, band jams, boat rides and playing Nazi Zombies were also included.

I always cook inhuman amounts of food. I just can't cook any less. But fortunately, all of the food is always consumed. This year's menu was also really delicious and it had a really surprising crowd favorite. Let's see!

Note to self - next time you want to serve freshly pressed juice to nine people, don't. The outcome is so little and it takes a lot of time. But the quality of the juice is amazing and if you serve it as a tiny welcome drink, it is perfect. This time I pressed the juice form apples, beet, carrots, pineapple, oranges and ginger. One of my favorite combos!

Since I have baked lentil pie for about a million times now, I wanted to try something different. And it was a juicy cauliflower pie. A perfect treat for the cauli lovers. Recipe in my new Estonian cookbook.

Fresh salad is a must on a barbecue. I wanted to keep it simple and just mixed some Chinese cabbage with tomatoes, salt, pepper and olive oil. The cabbages are so green and delicious this time of the year!

For a heartier salad option, I made my ridiculously easy and tasty rice salad with corn, onions, dill and pickles. Recipe in my new Estonian cookbook :)

This was the star of our dinner! Crispy homemade garlic breads made with rye bread and served with potato and carrot cheese sauce. My new favorite sauce! When I brought it to the table, people gathered around the bread and just ate in silence for about 20 minutes. The sauce was finished so fast! Next time I will make a double batch. Find the cheese recipe HERE!

We grilled marinated soy cutlets, vegan sausages, zucchini, onions and corn. I made two kinds of marinades: herb marinade and spicy tomato and garlic marinade. Definitely serve the skewers with some mild mustard and quality ketchup.

For a dessert, I really wanted to bake a rhubarb cake. Since our rhubarbs are yet so tiny, I also added some canned peaches. Worked perfectly! The cake was a big favorite too. Use this recipe to make the best rhubarb cake ever.

It was just what the doctor ordered. Until next year? :)