My new Estonian vegan cookbook is out now!

Here it is. My long awaited brand new Estonian vegan cookbook. This time it's all about delicious weeknight (and weekend) vegan dinners. I can't believe it's already my fourth cookbook. My very first cookbook was published on 2012 and it's been sold out for a really long time now. So it was about time for a new one. One Estonian book store even ships it internationally. Check it out HERE!
I definitely have plans for a new English cookbook, too! But in the meantime, you can order my "Vegan Dinner Party" on Amazon.

But why dinners? Because breakfasts and lunches tend to be hectic or repetitive, but dinners are more sociable and usually people have more time to cook and enjoy. It's a very practical and beautiful cookbook with 70 delicious recipes.

The book starts with the basics in a vegan kitchen: yeast dough, pizza sauce, pizza crust, salad dressings and more. Then it moves onto hearty soups and salads. After that, it will teach you how to make the best vegan cutlets and patties in the world. It introduces simple and satisfying pasta dishes, homemade pies and pizzas and ends with desserts.

This cookbook has recipes for a beginner and also for a very experienced home cook. Over half of the recipes are gluten free. To make your life even more simple, the book has four one week vegan menus with grocery shopping lists. Being vegan has never been easier!

I am so excited for this! And I want to thank all my blog readers who read my recipes, cook them and leave lovely comments. Thank you!