8 best vegan zucchini recipes

It's a lovely summer afternoon in our tiny forest cabin and I just finished making our lunch. This time I made one-pot pasta with zucchini, mushrooms and tomatoes. I was thinking why not to make a little round-up of zucchini recipes for you, since so many of us have these huge green veggies and sometimes no idea how to use them. Right now, I'm putting zucchini almost into every dish. Pastas and curries are my favorites.

For today's pasta, I heated up a thick-bottomed pot and added olive oil. Then I added chopped onions and cooked them for a couple minutes. After that, I added cubed zucchini and chopped white mushrooms. Cooked for a couple of minutes and added some fresh chili, garlic, salt, pepper and gluten-free pasta (Panzani makes the best ones). After that, I poured boiling water on top of everything, gave it a good stir and covered the pot with a lid. I let it boil until the pasta was almost soft. Then I added chopped tomatoes and herbs and cooked for a couple of more minutes. I served it with drizzled olive oil and some nutritional yeast. So summery, light and delicious.

But let's get to today's round-up. These are my favorite zucchini recipes, otherwise they wouldn't be on this page. I hope you'll get some good ideas to make the most of this zucchini season. Happy cooking!

1) Tagliatelle pasta with tomatoes and zucchini. I make this wonderful juicy pasta all summer long. It's so light and such a nice change from all these creamy pastas I make during the winter time. Of course you can use any pasta shape here. I made this dish with gluten-free tagliatelle, which worked perfectly.

2) Groovy summer curry. Curries are my favorite "fast food". I make them almost every week. They are ready super quick and you can use almost any kind of veggies in here. This summer curry has loads of zucchini and carrots in it. Creamy coconut milk and protein rich chickpeas make it a very filling lunch or dinner!

3) Creamy chili bean and zucchini stew. I love this spicy stew. It's perfect to accompany potatoes, rice, pasta or buckwheat. 

4) Peanut butter and vegetable curry. All peanut butter fans unite! It's not only for PBJ. Peanut butter makes this curry so decadently creamy and filling. Add zucchini, eggplant and green peas and you have a wonderful dish. Serve it with fluffy basmati rice.

5) Cheesy baked vegan mac and cheese with zucchini. One of my all time favorite mac and cheese recipes. You can use over two pounds of zucchini in here. A wonderful family-friendly dinner.

6) Bean and zucchini cutlets. One of my best and most popular vegan patty recipes. I make these delicious crispy zucchini patties all year round. Tiny zucchini cubes add extra moistness. These patties are perfect served as a burger or with potatoes.

7) Chanterelle and zucchini pizza. Two season favorites meet in this pizza - chanterelles and zucchini. And the best part is the crust - super quick, no yeast and easy to make. You can use other edible mushrooms in here if you don't have chanterelles.

8) Lentil and vegetable pie. A classic old recipe of mine. What would it be without grated zucchini? It adds the needed juiciness to balance the heartiness of lentils. A crowd-pleasing vegan pie!

I hope you got some inspiration from here to let your zucchinis really shine. And do let me know if you cook something delicious from here. It always makes me smile to read your lovely comments! :)