Important update - a brand new mailing list!

Hey ya'll! I've made an important change by creating a brand new mailing list. Since the older list was so limited and only sent out automated e-mails when I published a new post, I really wanted to make a better version. The new mailing list is much more personalized and informative. Here's what to expect:

  • Delicious new vegan recipes delivered straight to your inbox 
  • Tips, tricks and seasonal cooking recommendations by me 
  • Personalized and informative newsletter.

So goodbye old ugly mailing list and hello a new awesome one! The one my lovely readers deserve. VeganSandra doesn't have any official social media channels by choice. But no need to worry, because with this wonderful new mailing list, you will never miss out on the good stuff!

If have been already subscribed to my list (even years ago) and have received new e-mails from me during last couple of months, then you are already automatically part of the new list! No need to take more action here.

Just in case you can also check your junk e-mail folder, because sometimes the mail can end up there. In Gmail, it could also land in the Promotions folder!

If you haven't subscribed yet, I strongly recommend to do so! Just to think all the others are already receiving personalized content, new recipes and tips from me. To be a full part of it, just enter your e-mail below and your good to go!