Oct 18, 2016

Versatile vegan cooking cream

If you are familiar with my recipes, I'm sure you know my love for creamy dishes. I often have a couple of packs of vegan cooking cream at home. Usually it's made of soy or oats. But since I live in the country side, it's not always available for me. And after reading your many comments, I know it's not that available for you too. So I decided it was about time to write down a simple homemade vegan cream recipe. 

You only need some cashews or sunflower seeds and some water. You can use this delightfully silky and healthy cream where you would normally use regular light or heavy cream. So different delicious pastas and curries are now even easier to make. I know that some of my dear readers from the US have been craving to make this luscious lemony mushroom pasta, but only proper vegan cream was missing. There you go! No need to crave anymore, just roll up your sleeves and cook away. If you are allergic to nuts or just want a cheaper option, then sunflower seeds are the answer. But I must say that cream made with cashews is a bit better and smoother.

Oct 11, 2016

The best and easiest lentil balls (gluten free)

Give falafels a break and try these amazing lentils balls. Here's five reasons why they are superb:

1) They are super delicious and have a perfect texture. Not too mushy, not too firm. And they don't contain any unnecessary ingredients. Only lentils, seasonings, onion, garlic and oat flour.
2) You only need 6 ingredients (if you count salt) to make them. There's a high possibility you don't need an extra trip to the grocery store and you have everything at hand already.
3) They are gluten-free! So people who avoid gluten can enjoy them too.
4) They are very universal. You can serve them with my tasty marinara sauce and spaghetti or enjoy them with white sauce and mashed potatoes. They are also great as a snack when cold and perfect on a sandwich or in a hot-dog or pita bread.
5) They are seriously easy to make. That makes them a great option for weeknight dinner, too!

There's also a reason why these little magic balls aren't that great. It's because as soon as you make them, you'll start to regret that you didn't make a double batch.

Sep 13, 2016

Product review: Veggie-Shop24 vegan products

I know, this photo may seem creepy for some of you, but I promise I haven't gone into the dark side. This bacon is 100% vegan. I do product reviews very rarely, but when Veggie-Shop24 offered me to try a wide variety of their products, I couldn't say no. 

They are an European online shop offering only vegan products and shipping all over Europe. In addition to food, they also have vegan cosmetics, pet food and household items. It was so much fun to pick out my products and experiment with them. The results are here.

Sep 7, 2016

Breaded and marinated seitan (an old-school party dish)

Lately I've been creating Mediterranean inspired dishes like this homemade pasta and "Four seasons" pizza. But somehow I started craving old retro classics. Maybe our family favorite potato salad started this? In Estonia, breaded and marinated fish and meat are old and loved classics at the parties. When I was a meat eater, I never really liked these dishes. They were OK, but for me, they seemed like this food that only grown-ups can appreciate. I was more interested in boiled potatoes and gravy. I really don't know when the idea struck me to veganize this recipe. Maybe when I received a new batch of gluten flour? Or am I really grown up? Please, no! I hope I can blame my weird cravings on the colder weather instead.

Sep 3, 2016

Our family favorite potato salad (vegan)

Since I live in Estonia, I've eaten so many different potato salads in my life. The good ones, the bad ones and the interesting ones. With mayo or without (German-style). Over the years, I've discovered that I still like our family's version the best. Maybe it's because I've grew up with it. It's pretty usual that in Estonia, the salad contains sausage. But even when I was a meat eater, I don't remember our version having sausage in it. Thanks to our potato salad standard, I'm pretty finicky about other versions.

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