Dec 7, 2017

Easy red lentil and vegetable soup

I know, the recipe title might seem a tad boring and who hasn't made lentil soup before, but hey! This soup is so amazing in its simplicity and taste. It has been my latest favorite and I make it all the time. Even my dad and mom really loved it when I made it for them. I love how the veggies boil into a flavorful broth and red lentils give the needed heartiness and creaminess. I like to boil the lentils until they are mushy. That way the soup has just the right texture. Al dente lentils give me the shivers and not the good kind. This soup also reminds me of split-pea soup, so basically it's a quick and easy version of it.

Dec 2, 2017

Cooking with my mom: Easy vegan multigrain buns

Hey lovely people! Yesterday was a really special day. It was the first of December and when I woke up, we had snow! And so much of it. It's nice to have that fluffy crispy white blanket, especially during the time of the year when it gets dark outside already at 4 pm. I was also happy to see that my fifth cookbook (in Estonian) with gluten free vegan recipes is in the stores now! 

We are visiting my parents right now and I came to an idea. Me and my mom Krista have always loved cooking together. We have catered many events and even a beautiful 50 people wedding all by ourselves. When it's Christmas or my dad's birthday, me and my mom are always sweating in the kitchen and we really dig it. When one of us messes up, we laugh and scream and try to fix it together. I remember when mom wanted to make her special peach pie, she opened the can and shouted: "Darn it, it's a pineapple!". So pineapple pie we had. Actually there were juicier words, but it's a family-friendly blog!

Oct 17, 2017

Perfect vegan chocolate cake (4 ingredients)

This heavenly vegan chocolate cake is actually a really old recipe of mine. It's from my Estonian vegan dessert cookbook, which was published on 2014. I've made this wonderfully easy cake countless of times. It's definitely my go-to recipe, when I want a no fuzz vegan cake recipe that is actually divinely satisfying. It's basically pure chocolate and you can feel it with every bite. A true chocoholic's dream! I've never met a person who didn't enjoy this decadent treat. What's even better - you can easily make this cake gluten-free by using gluten-free cookies.

Oct 2, 2017

Creamy coconut buckwheat with mushrooms

Can you believe this Fall? I'm in love with its gorgeous colors and crisp air. When I'm going onto my regular evening bicycle ride, I have to be extra careful not to fall over when staring at the nature. My only concern is that this beautiful weather will not last long. So I try to breathe it in as much as possible. Lately I've been really enjoying this season, cold and clear Fall air, the heat from our rocket stove, good books ("Tove Jansson. Work and Love" - strongly recommend!), Netflix and cozy one pot dishes.

Aug 20, 2017

8 best vegan zucchini recipes

It's a lovely summer afternoon in our tiny forest cabin and I just finished making our lunch. This time I made one-pot pasta with zucchini, mushrooms and tomatoes. I was thinking why not to make a little round-up of zucchini recipes for you, since so many of us have these huge green veggies and sometimes no idea how to use them. Right now, I'm putting zucchini almost into every dish. Pastas and curries are my favorites.

For today's pasta, I heated up a thick-bottomed pot and added olive oil. Then I added chopped onions and cooked them for a couple minutes. After that, I added cubed zucchini and chopped white mushrooms. Cooked for a couple of minutes and added some fresh chili, garlic, salt, pepper and gluten-free pasta (Panzani makes the best ones). After that, I poured boiling water on top of everything, gave it a good stir and covered the pot with a lid. I let it boil until the pasta was almost soft. Then I added chopped tomatoes and herbs and cooked for a couple of more minutes. I served it with drizzled olive oil and some nutritional yeast. So summery, light and delicious.

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