May 9, 2017

Sweet and sour Chinese cabbage

The Chinese cabbages right now are so wonderfully green and lush. Usually I make different salads out of them or use them in warm dishes. They are really cheap and contain loads of calcium, vitamin C and fiber. But the thing with Chinese cabbage is that I'm always left with these firm white stems that I don't want to use in raw salads. So basically they just sit in the fridge until I throw them away. Is this sight familiar to you?

Apr 17, 2017

Our vegan trip to Nepal - photos and impressions

Two weeks ago I flew back to Estonia. But before that, I was on a vegan adventure in Nepal. What exactly did we do there and what do the words pickle, momo ja dhanyabad mean? Let's find out! I made over 700 photos there, but I carefully picked out my favorites and also wrote down my memories. Hopefully you'll love this little virtual travel with me! 

Mar 19, 2017

Vegan lentil loaf with cabbage (gluten free)

I honestly can't believe that I'm flying to Nepal tomorrow. My suitcase is still unpacked, but I'm doing hundred things at once today, so I'll be on it soon enough. I'm especially excited to visit the beautiful Pokhara and our day at the ayurveda clinic. But our food centered two week trip to the roof of the world will be packed with wonderful places and activities, so I'm sure I will collect some great inspiration and beautiful memories.  If you would like to check on me while I'm away, you can definitely keep an eye on my Instagram, where I will be posting updates.

Mar 15, 2017

Easy tomato cream sauce (gluten free)

My love for tomatoes is ancient and endless. That's why I have so many tomato recipes on my page. When I was a kid, I often cooked up a batch of easy tomato and flour sauce, which went so great with boiled potatoes. But this new version is flour-free and it's packed with flavor from herbs and garlic. You can use regular tomatoes or cherry tomatoes, it really depends on the season and your liking. If you don't have vegan cooking cream at home, you can use coconut milk or make your own cashew cream

Mar 3, 2017

Creamy and tangy vegan Caesar salad (GF)

This salad made its debut at one of my private cooking workshops. It's about time to share it with you! I had to experiment with the dressing for quite a few times, until I got it just right. Now I'm really happy with the taste and texture. It's super creamy, tangy and rich. The dressing is just perfect poured on a juicy romaine lettuce and breaded chickpeas. These wonderful filling chickpeas are a great gluten free substitute for regular bread croutons. 
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