Jul 24, 2016

Vegan mega burger with seitan

You know these people who don't have much appetite when the weather is hot and they say they could live on watermelon and berries? Every time they talk about it, I can only think about devouring my next veggie burger. Very often, my cravings are out of sync with the seasons. When it's winter, I'm munching on fresh tomatoes (bland and expensive!) and in summer, I often want something hearty. The bonus of vegan dishes is that even after a really big meal, I usually feel pretty light. This grilled seitan burger is a perfect summer treat. Only some preparations inside and then you can take the party to the outside, where you can heat up a grill. Or if you are not feeling it, then pan-fried seitan steaks are good on their own.

Jul 19, 2016

Rhubarb-herb marinade and spicy tomato-garlic marinade

Summer is in full swing and one of the best things about this warm season is to heat up a smoky grill and enjoy outdoor cooking. I have experimented with many different marinades over the years. But these two are definitely the best ones so far. They just work and all the tastes are balanced. They are not too sour, too sweet or too bland. Instead, you will have a sweet and sour and super flavorful marinade. And a good marinade has to be full of taste.

Jul 12, 2016

Simple white sauce (GF, soy free)

I always have some coconut milk at home. I love to make different dishes with it and I like the subtle coconut taste. But I have a thing with unrefined coconut oil and the taste and smell of it. I just can't stand it. About a month ago I bought a vegan tropical ice-cream that had that taste and for the first time in my life I threw it away! But I love regular coconut milk. Weird, I know! Note to self - try refined coconut oil.

I usually buy coconut milks in bulk when they are on sale. They tend to be pretty expensive or full of unpleasant ingredients. But lately I have discovered the ones that only contain coconut and water. Perfect!

Jul 6, 2016

Tagliatelle pasta with tomatoes and zucchini

Yesterday I had a wonderful summer day with my parents. They picked me up and we took a long trip around South-Estonia. And my dear mom also brought me a lot of beautiful produce she grew herself. Just look at this gorgeousness! When they dropped me off at home, I couldn't wait a second longer to boil some young potatoes and make a creamy chanterelle sauce. These things truly are the gold of summer! Me and my boyfriend enjoyed every bite. Since the package also contained zucchinis, there was no doubt what I was gonna make us for lunch today. A new delicious summery recipe was born!

Jun 19, 2016

One week vegan menu nr.5 + grocery shopping list (Summer edition!)

A lovely blog reader of mine mentioned that my free vegan menus have been really helpful. Actually, her comment really made my day, so I'm just gonna post it here:

"Such a fan. I've done week 1 and week 2, you've made it so easy to make lots of delicious quick meals! I love fall food, I'll eat it all year, but I hope you'll do a spring/summer seasonal week too sometime. I really feel spoiled by these, you've done all the hard work now I get to do the fun easy part thank you!! Whenever I hear someone say I could never go vegan it's not convenient or I don't know what to make, they are getting this link. Boom."

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