Jun 11, 2018

Vegan potatoes and eggs

I just came from riding my SUP board and swimming afterwards. It was super refreshing and for a Pisces like me, it was heaven on water. Since it was an evening, the Sun was so mellow and it was truly a golden hour. Talking about the Golden Hour, I've been really enjoying Kacey Musgraves' latest album. Such good summery tunes, especially when driving a car. 

But this dish...if you're ultra hungry like me after some fun in the water, then it's good to whip up something extra quick and hearty. Like these crispy potatoes and "eggs". I've been making this version for quite some time now to beef up my regular pan-fried potatoes. It works every time and it's especially delicious with some green onions and creamy tomato salad.

May 21, 2018

The best vegan barbecue recipe

"I ain't here for a long time, I'm here for a good time. So bring on the sunshine, to hell with the red wine, pour me some moonshine." (George Strait)

This song kept playing in my head, while I was chewing this crispy, smoky and utterly delicious vegan barbecue. We sat outside in the sun, enjoyed the smell of the lilacs and daffodils and sipped some cold foamy beer. Not quite moonshine, but it paired perfectly with this plant meat. I've waited for so long to finally publish this recipe. Since the barbecue season is already in full swing, I couldn't think of a better time. I know you guys LOVE my super easy vegan seitan steak recipe. Well, I took the same recipe, added marinade and turned it into an amazing barbecue. I will also include a completely gluten-free version below, so don't worry. You will have your vegan barbecue and eat it too!

May 8, 2018

12 best vegan summer recipes

I've enjoyed May so much. The weather has been wonderfully sunny and hot. It's 70 F / 20 C every day. When I was choosing my favorite summer recipes for this post, I took a break and went outside. Just sitting there in the sun and listening to the nature was so relaxing. In Estonia, May is usually one of the most beautiful and warmest months. June on the other hand is like a classical Estonian summer, which basically means just winter with mosquitoes. Okay, it's not that bad. Or is it? One year we had the same temperature on Midsummer as on New Years. Since we had a rather cold winter, I'm hoping the summer will be warm and sunny this year. In that case, I have made a round-up of the most fabulous light and delicious summer recipes. And by that I mean barbecue, marinades, cold soups, salads, pies and my summer favorite - rhubarb cake. Happy cooking!

Apr 24, 2018

Green pea and onion pie (gluten free)

April has been rather lovely so far. One day, we heated up our grill for the first time this year to make ourselves a nice smoky outdoor dinner. We were so stuffed afterwards, that we had to take a long walk. The Spring nature keeps invading our forest cabin. Every morning at sunrise, bees entered our house and made a load of noise. The flowers aren't in full bloom yet, so the poor ones are craving something sweet. Since I need my good night sleep, I decided to experiment with sugar. I left some of it outside and it worked! I only heard the bees coming and going and not pushing into our house. Maybe I imagine it, but the sugar stopped the invasion.

But enough about bees, let's talk about extreme metal. We had a really nice show with Neoandertals at Tallinn Music Week. Thanks to Anton, who came all the way from Moscow, our almost full show is now available as a high-quality video. I strongly recommend to watch it with speakers that have bass, since we only have bass and drums in our band. So if you have ever wondered what I do behind the drums, now is your chance. By the way, at the end of the video, there's a real death metal party going on!

Apr 10, 2018

Easy crispy eggplant (gluten-free)

We had a wonderfully warm and sunny day yesterday. It was 71 F (22 C) outside and we even saw some butterflies flying around. When I stepped out, my first grumpy reaction was: "It's so hot!" Typical Estonian, I say. But we truly enjoyed it. We sat outside for so long and in the evening, we went to sauna. It was much needed, since my muscles are super sore after a live show I gave with Neoandertals on Saturday. Fortunately, my fingers are already better, so I can share this awesome recipe with you!
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