Apr 24, 2018

Green pea and onion pie (gluten free)

April has been rather lovely so far. One day, we heated up our grill for the first time this year to make ourselves a nice smoky outdoor dinner. We were so stuffed afterwards, that we had to take a long walk. The Spring nature keeps invading our forest cabin. Every morning at sunrise, bees entered our house and made a load of noise. The flowers aren't in full bloom yet, so the poor ones are craving something sweet. Since I need my good night sleep, I decided to experiment with sugar. I left some of it outside and it worked! I only heard the bees coming and going and not pushing into our house. Maybe I imagine it, but the sugar stopped the invasion.

But enough about bees, let's talk about extreme metal. We had a really nice show with Neoandertals at Tallinn Music Week. Thanks to Anton, who came all the way from Moscow, our almost full show is now available as a high-quality video. I strongly recommend to watch it with speakers that have bass, since we only have bass and drums in our band. So if you have ever wondered what I do behind the drums, now is your chance. By the way, at the end of the video, there's a real death metal party going on!

Apr 10, 2018

Easy crispy eggplant (gluten-free)

We had a wonderfully warm and sunny day yesterday. It was 71 F (22 C) outside and we even saw some butterflies flying around. When I stepped out, my first grumpy reaction was: "It's so hot!" Typical Estonian, I say. But we truly enjoyed it. We sat outside for so long and in the evening, we went to sauna. It was much needed, since my muscles are super sore after a live show I gave with Neoandertals on Saturday. Fortunately, my fingers are already better, so I can share this awesome recipe with you!

Mar 29, 2018

Tallinn Music Week interview about our off-grid cabin

I talk a little about how we built our tiny off-grid log cabin and how it feels to live that kind of lifestyle. The video was filmed to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Brought to you by Tallinn Music Week and the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Estonia.

I will play live with Neoandertals at the Tallinn Music Week's Metal Showcase at Von Krahl Theather (7'th of April 2018, 9pm). Tickets can be found HERE!

Mar 20, 2018

Silky cream of mushroom soup

I'm so glad I just ate my lunch, otherwise I would be so hangry to write this wonderful vegan mushroom soup recipe. Never write a recipe with an empty stomach! Your family will thank you. Kinda useless information, but for lunch today I made a really weird dish. I was craving pasta and when I saw I had a pack of buckwheat penne, I wanted those. So I browned some onions, added chopped zucchini, penne, boiling water, herb salt and let it simmer under a cover until soft. I love to make one pot pasta. It will be much easier this way and also much more juicier. Then I really wanted to eat boiled carrot for some reason. I just chopped some huge chunks and sauteed them with onions, added water, herb salt and oat cream and let it boil until soft. Then we ate this grey buckwheat pasta with these super saucy carrots and it was actually amazing. Perfect with today's weird weather.

Mar 1, 2018

15 really cheap and delicious vegan dinner recipes

Brrr...are you still alive there? It's frrreeeezing cold in Estonia! Actually I know that you are there, because I answer your lovely comments every day here. Thank you for that! And thank you for cooking my recipes. It's been so cold, that all I want to do is to curl myself into a warm blanket and watch Netflix or play video games. I don't even want to do yoga anymore. I blame everything on the cold, haha! And I'm writing today, because I've been waiting for so long to do this round-up for you. I hope I'm not the only one who values budget-friendly recipes. I think there's no need to spend so much on the food, when you can make these super cheap recipes that are also SO delicious and filling. Especially during this cold winter season.

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