12 best vegan summer recipes

I've enjoyed May so much. The weather has been wonderfully sunny and hot. It's 70 F / 20 C every day. When I was choosing my favorite summer recipes for this post, I took a break and went outside. Just sitting there in the sun and listening to the nature was so relaxing. In Estonia, May is usually one of the most beautiful and warmest months. June on the other hand is like a classical Estonian summer, which basically means just winter with mosquitoes. Okay, it's not that bad. Or is it? One year we had the same temperature on Midsummer as on New Years. Since we had a rather cold winter, I'm hoping the summer will be warm and sunny this year. In that case, I have made a round-up of the most fabulous light and delicious summer recipes. And by that I mean barbecue, marinades, cold soups, salads, pies and my summer favorite - rhubarb cake. Happy cooking!

1) Cold beet soup. This refreshing soup is made with cashew "kefir". It sounds difficult, but so isn't. The "kefir" only takes a few minutes to make. Just make a whole pot of this goodness and keep it in the fridge. You will thank me on a hot day!

2) Cold tomato soup. If the beet soup has been in a rotation for a long time, spice things up with this cold tomato soup instead. The Spanish really know how to make the heat more bearable. 

3) Simple white sauce. Being completely gluten-free, soy free and overall delicious, this quick white sauce goes especially well with young potatoes. 

4) Easy creamy chanterelle sauce. Are you one of those lucky people who have chanterelles growing in your area? Or are they selling them on farmer's market? If you are a mushroom fan like me, keep this simple recipe close during the chanterelle season! Any other edible mushrooms would be good here too.

5) Vegan cottage cheese salad. On a hot day, a cold sauce or salad with freshly boiled young potatoes is all you need. This delicious salad is super filling and so fresh in taste. The "cottage cheese" texture comes from sunflower seeds and tofu. But if you're not a fan, skip the tofu. It will still be tasty!

6) Creamy rice noodle salad with pan-fried mushrooms. I still remember that year when basically all I ate was this salad. It's ridiculously easy to make, super juicy and doesn't require slaving for hours behind the hot stove to make a simple lunch or dinner.

7) Smoky barbecue carrot dogs. One of my most popular recipes and for a good reason. How to make a boring old carrot fantastic? Just boil, marinate and grill. They are heavenly when served squeezed into a fresh bun along with the creamy chickpea salad (recipe included).

8) Rhubarb and herb marinade. Why not to use rhubarb in your marinade? It's perfectly seasonal and gives some acidity and nice taste. This marinade is so universal. You can use it for almost all the veggies and mushrooms!

9) Chanterelle and zucchini pizza. This amazing pizza combines two seasonal favorites. The crust is ready in minutes and requires no yeast. It will be crispy and thin but loaded with juicy topping. If you don't have chanterelles, use other mushrooms or add some chopped tomatoes instead.

10) Green pea and onion pie (gluten-free). I usually make it with frozen peas but just imagine it with fresh peas! If you're not fan, skip the peas and use some chopped zucchini and tomatoes instead. It will be a star of your summer dinner or picnic!

11) Fruit and coconut cake on a raw crust. With this recipe, you will learn how to make a raw cake crust (gluten-free, sugar free) and coconut whipped cream, if you haven't already. Add seasonal berries and fruits and your belly and health will thank you!

12) Perfect rhubarb cake. This is my all time favorite rhubarb cake. I dream about it the whole winter. When the rhubarbs are ready in May, I always rush to make this fluffy dreamy cake.

Since summer is also a zucchini season, I have dedicated a whole post to this amazing veggie. CLICK HERE to get delicious zucchini recipes.