One week vegan menu nr.2 + grocery shopping list

Somehow I thought that a full work week vegan menu with a grocery shopping list would come in handy for someone. It seems I was right, since the first one week vegan menu turned out to be really popular. I was so happy to see that, so I decided to make another one! Again, I made sure that the dishes in this menu are pretty diverse and cooked in a reasonable time. In the end of this menu, you fill find a full grocery shopping list with all the ingredients needed to cook this menu. And of course you can print it out, too. Just click the green "Print PDF" button on the bottom left corner of this post. You can also choose "Remove images" if you want to print a simple text file. All these dishes serve about four people. Preparation time varies from 10 to 50 minutes. Alright, about time we check out this week's tasty menu!


My guess is that some folks may have more energy on the first day of the week. So I decided to start the menu with this baked pasta with creamy spinach and Brussels sprouts, which takes more time to prepare than the other dishes. But fret not - there is nothing complicated about it. Just some waiting until the pasta is getting nice and crispy in the oven.


My belly starts to growl just by looking at this photo. This chunky mushroom and plum gravy screams Fall! You can replace the white mushrooms with any edible mushrooms of your choice. If you are serving this gravy with boiled potatoes, don't forget to spare about 8 medium boiled potatoes for the next dish. Then your Wednesday meal will be ready in only 10 minutes!


If you have some leftover boiled potatoes from yesterday, then you will have these creamy garlicky potatoes and beans read in 10 minutes! 


At least once a week, a soup should be in the menu. This beet and lentil soup is perfect to satisfy your soup cravings. Beets are cheap and healthy and lentils make this dish more filling. 


Hurray for Friday! To celebrate the end of the work week, we are making this refreshing and light yet filling rice noodle salad with pea cream. Since even my salad recipes are hearty, this dish works well as an entrée.

Now it's time to write down the grocery shopping list. Again, I tried to list the ingredients as logical as I could. Just like they are placed in the stores. Vegetables together, spices and herbs together and so on. I only assume that you have some salt, pepper and oil at your home. If not, get them too! Here is the full ingredient list needed to cook this whole menu:

  • 3 onions
  • head of garlic
  • 21 oz / 600 g raw beets
  • 4-6 pounds / 2-3 kg potatoes (keep in mind that you need some to serve with the mushroom gravy, 8 potatoes to make the garlicky potatoes and beans and 2-3 potatoes to make the beet and lentil soup)
  • 25 oz / 700 g (white) mushrooms
  • bunch of fresh dill (for two dishes)
  • 11 oz / 300 g fresh or frozen Brussels sprouts
  • 14 oz / 400 g frozen spinach
  • 14 oz / 400 g frozen green peas
  • a pack of quality pasta (about 18 oz / 500 g)
  • 9 oz / 250 g rice noodles
  • dried green or brown lentils (you need about 6 oz / 180 g)
  • 2-3 medium pickled cucumbers
  • 14 oz / 400 g canned red beans
  • sun-dried tomatoes in oil (you need about 5 oz / 130 g)
  • ¼ oz / 150 g peeled sunflower seeds
  • 7 oz / 200 g dried pitted plums
  • soy sauce or tamari (if you don't have it at home)
  • a couple of bay leaves
  • ½ cup / 400 ml vegan cream
  • 2 cups / 500 ml tomato juice

Pretty decently short list for a full work week vegan menu? I wish you a stress-free shopping and happy cooking!