15 really cheap and delicious vegan dinner recipes

Brrr...are you still alive there? It's frrreeeezing cold in Estonia! Actually I know that you are there, because I answer your lovely comments every day here. Thank you for that! And thank you for cooking my recipes. It's been so cold, that all I want to do is to curl myself into a warm blanket and watch Netflix or play video games. I don't even want to do yoga anymore. I blame everything on the cold, haha! And I'm writing today, because I've been waiting for so long to do this round-up for you. I hope I'm not the only one who values budget-friendly recipes. I think there's no need to spend so much on the food, when you can make these super cheap recipes that are also SO delicious and filling. Especially during this cold winter season.

Or is it winter where you are? I would love to read where you're from! I've received so many lovely letters from my readers. I want to say hi! to Albuquerque and Sublette, Kansas and California and all these wonderful places I've received letters from. Hope you are all well. And I hope you will find some old or new favorite recipes from this round-up so you can cook delicious dinner without breaking the bank. Until then - let's hope for the Spring :)

1) Sweet and sour Chinese cabbage. This recipe needs only a few ingredients and you can use up these sad leftover Chinese cabbage stems that are looking for a new delicious life. Serve with rice for example.

2) Rustic homemade fresh vegan pasta. No need for a pasta machine here. A good old rolling pin will do the job just fine. This super cheap recipe has been our favorite for years! It's simply food heaven, I'll tell ya! You can serve it with any kind of sauce or make this amazing quick sauce: 2 Tbsp olive oil, 2 Tbsp soy sauce and 2 crushed garlic cloves. Whisk everything together and drizzle over the fresh pasta. HEAVEN!

3) Filled savory pancakes. As known as: Komm Morgen wieder. These wonderful little fellas need a little crafting but it's so worth it! If you are not in the mood for pockets, then just roll them up. Absolutely delicious and filling!

4) Creamy garlicky potatoes with kidney beans. Again an old favorite of ours. With loads of fresh garlic, because you need to eat it right now like there's no tomorrow (viruses!). So quick and easy, too!

5) Crispy turnip and bean balls. This recipe has FOUR ingredients. OK, five, if you count the salt. It's one of the cheapest, tastiest and easiest ways to use up a turnip or rutabaga. Serve with mashed potatoes for example.

6) The best and easiest lentil balls. Just trust the recipe headline. Again a recipe that only calls for a few ingredients. The outcome is a load of delicious, filling and protein rich balls. Serve them with pasta or potatoes, with red or white sauce.

7) Garlicky oat and beet patties. Have some leftover morning porridge? Give it a new life with this recipe. Just add grated raw beet, garlic, some flour and salt. Form patties and pan-fry them in hot oil. So simple!

8) Quick vegan pasta Bolognese. Have some tomato juice (the beverage) and dried soy granules at home? Then you'll have this dinner ready in 15 minutes. 

9) Simple rice and veggies with peanut and tomato sauce. Even without this sauce it's such a delicious dish. But together it's even better! You only need some rice, cabbage, carrots and onions. And sauce comes together with roasted peanuts, tomato and water. I've been craving this dinner for a long time! I have to make it and quick.

10) Easy and creamy potato casserole. Actually this is the best potato casserole or scalloped potatoes in the world. I'm serious! Even that smell is to die for. Potatoes, onions, cream and a tiny bit of nutmeg...yum! Substitute cashews for sunflower seeds for and extra budget-friendly dinner!

11) Perfect homemade seitan steaks. They ARE perfect and this is one of my most popular recipes. Practically the only cost if for vital wheat gluten flour and you only need 1 cup for four super large or eight medium steaks! Serve this goodness with homemade oven-baked "fries" and onion gravy.

12) Crispy carrot patties. It's a staple in our house. You can use any kind of herbs or spices you have at home and you only need some canned beans, some flour, grated carrots and onions. 

13) Easy vegetable and dumpling soup. My next quest needs no introduction! It's a soup heaven. You basically only need some flour and water for the dumplings and affordable veggies for the broth. No store-bought stock or broth here, only homemade goodness!

14) Sauerkraut and tomato soup with potatoes. When winter calls, serve it this comforting and gut-pleasing soup. So flavorful and warms you right up!

15) Easy red lentil and vegetable soup. This is my latest favorite. It serves six people and it's so good even when reheated the next day or the day after. Lentils make this soup really filling, too!

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